23 years ago my life was very different. I was in an abusive relationship and I was on drugs. I found out that I was pregnant and it was a complete shock.

Because of the drug taking and the violence my partner said 'there’s no way that you can have this baby'.

I was in shock. I didn’t connect emotionally to what was going on.

I didn’t talk to anybody because I was scared and I felt alone.

I was booked in for the abortion - I went to the doctor and he asked me my reasons. I felt like I was on a conveyer belt

I went into the hospital. I kept wanting somebody to ask me or say 'you don’t have to go through with this' but before I knew it the doctor said that everything had gone well that I have been seven and a half weeks’ gestation and that’s when the reality hit me.

The trouble was at that point I couldn’t change my decision, I couldn’t turn the clock back.

I cried everyday for months. I thought I was going mad and so I couldn’t tell anybody what was going on.

My mum kept asking me what was wrong and finally I broke down about six months later and told her.

I said 'you’re going to hate me I’ve had an abortion'. Without a second’s hesitation she threw her arms around me and said "I love you and God loves you" and that just blew my mind.

I started a charity after training to become a counsellor because I felt it was really important that women have a place to talk before they make choices and to not be alone when they’re making choices. We work with women after abortions help them work through how that affected them and find love and forgiveness and help them love themselves again.

Rose was speaking to the Christian charity CARE. Ahead of their prayer gathering in Central London this Saturday CARE are encouraging Christians to pray, stand with women & men who have been affected by abortion and redouble efforts to prevent further liberalisation of abortion.

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