Hard on the heels of frontman Jon Foreman’s rightly acclaimed acoustic solo EPs, Switchfoot’s first release as independents arrives amid great curiosity about their new direction.

While not a thousand miles from earlier work, Hello Hurricane takes significant steps towards a far broader sonic horizon, thanks to producer Mike Elizondo playing with some of the 80 songs that they recorded in these sessions.

The disc is about trying to respond with love and hope to the storms that rip through our lives, featuring Foreman’s favourite lyrical strands: brokenness, second chances and rededication. This is the first Switchfoot disc to seriously challenge The Beautiful Letdown for the role of their best work yet.

HIGH: The compelling energy of ‘Needle and Haystack Life’, the sumptuous ‘Your Love is a Song’ among others.

LOW: Strangely, ‘Mess of Me’ an angular track chosen as first single.