I picked up this book expecting to find another apologetic contribution to the science-faith debate. Instead, I found something very different – which is the book’s strength as well as its weakness.

While most apologetic texts on science and religion either address the so-called conflicts in the debate or describe rational/scientific proofs of God, this work does neither.

Instead, Dr Bancewicz takes us on a personal journey through creativity, imagination, beauty, wonder and awe, demonstrating how each of these aspects of our humanity are significant both in science and in faith.

This is a popular-level book where the author complements her anecdotes with a series of examples from other working scientists. This gives the book the flavour of a personal journal rather than a dry text. In this respect, the book is a new and noteworthy contribution to the debates around science and religion.

Some of the material in the introductory chapters and a number of the commendations had made me think this was a book I could give to non-Christians who struggle with issues of science and faith. I’m not sure that is the case. Rather, this is a book that will assist Christian scientists (or those who aspire to be so) to see more clearly how those two worlds can be mutually supportive.

JUSTIN THACKER is lecturer in Practical and Public Theology at Cliff College