This direct, passionate, and immensely challenging book by US pastor Francis Chan follows in the footsteps of his first (very successful) book Crazy Love. This time the target is Christians who claim to want live by the Spirit but show none of the fruit of it in their lives. What could be a 170-page guilt-trip is actually a powerful and energising wake-up call.

Chan more or less ignores issues concerning charismatic gifts; he is more concerned with how living in the Spirit will shape a person’s attitude to their entire life. Passion oozes from every page, and Chan regularly urges the reader to pray, think or pick up their Bible. I can imagine many people will be stirred, challenged and moved to action. HIGH: The challenge. Chan asks piercing questions that demand a response.

HIGH: A helpful guide for the technologically illiterate church.

LOW: There is little here about how the charismatic gifts of the Spirit relate to a life of faith.