On the day the pink and grey Fire Bible Student Edition arrived so did a magazine from the Bible Society. The magazine showed pictures of people in Tanzania and China receiving their first ever Bible, which they will often have to share with other believers. Pictures that certainly focused my mind and thinking.

The FBSE is based on the original notes in The Full Life Study Bible. Among other features it contains 20 major themes tracked through scripture; background and overview of every book, and over 80 key issue articles and commentary, all from a Pentecostal perspective. The online information also makes other brave claims that are hard to substantiate.

It’s made up of 2,300 pages of which about 1,300 are the Bible text itself. The version used is 1984 NIV.

It’s ok, it’s slightly different, but when so many people are still without a Bible of any kind do we really need another one?

HIGH: The tracking of themes through the whole Bible.

LOW: The FBSE is highly selective on the verses it comments on. Do we need another study Bible?