Doing what it says on the tin, Everlasting God – The Very Best of YFriday seeks to capture the finest tracks released by the Newcastle four-piece since the band formed in 1994 as the house band for a Youth for Christ outreach event. In parts, the 28-track double CD succeeds, displaying the band’s ability to craft songs tailor-made for sung worship – including the award-winning title track ‘Everlasting God’ – as well as its ability to fire up crowds with driving, insistent riffs.

Unfortunately, the ease with which YFriday retreat to their comfort zone prevents the album from being truly diverting. Take ‘Praise’, which opens with dreamy synths offset by a beguiling warble, before a middle-of-the-road vocal steers the track away from its promising beginnings. That’s not to say the CD fails in summing up the very best of YFriday; perhaps that’s exactly what it does, showcasing a band which could produce energy-packed anthems and knew how to cater for its market.