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 Keswick Unshackled is a new concept for Christian event follow-up CDs. It overflows with both music and teaching. CD1 contains more than 20 hours of teaching taken from the 2007 convention including main event sessions from Alec Motyer, Steve Brady, Ian Coffey and Simon Manchester. CD2 is a music compilation taken from the last ten years of worship at Keswick. This 10-track feature includes ‘He is Exalted’, ‘Creation Sings’ and a truly lovely version of ‘There is a Higher Throne’.


 Event in a Box is something that could well take off for Christian events. Maybe something that should have been available before, such is its potential! All in all this is a fantastic resource for the price.


 HIGH: ‘There is a Higher Throne’ – beautiful and ethereal; surely the angels joined in!


 LOW: I wonder why the teaching is from 2007 not 2009?