The translator of The Message version of the Bible and well respected contemplative pastor Eugene Peterson has retracted previous comments that he would be willing to conduct a same sex marriage. The retired pastor had been asked by Religion News Service “If you were pastoring today and a gay couple in your church who were Christians of good faith asked you to perform their samesex wedding ceremony, is that something you would do?” Peterson had answered “Yes”. But 24 hours later he issued a statement to the Washington Post clarifying: “I affirm a biblical view of marriage: one man to one woman. I affirm a biblical view of everything.” The statement continued, “This reporter asked a hypothetical question...if, if, if. Pastors don’t have the luxury of indulging in hypotheticals. And to be honest, no is not a word I typically use...When put on the spot by this particular interviewer, I said yes in the moment. But on further reflection and prayer, I would like to retract that.”