This book is a straightforward invitation to Christians to pursue an encounter with God and to help others do the same in pursuit of healing.

John Ryeland, who is director of the Christian Healing Mission, outlines three aspects of healing prayer in this book: an encounter with Jesus; the presence of faith; and a transference of power. It explains, in simple terms and with reference to relevant scriptures, how to go about having an encounter with Jesus as well as increasing faith levels, believing in the power of the Holy Spirit and being led by him when praying for others.

The author leads the reader through the helpful process of praying a simple, three-step ‘encounter prayer’. He also includes testimonies from people who have had real encounters with Jesus and his healing power.

The appendices at the end of the book serve as guidelines for individual and group sessions in which encounters with Jesus are sought and healing can take place.

CLARE IRWIN has three young children and assists her husband in running Carmel City Church’s West Campus in Bristol