The Elim Pentecostal Church was formed under the leadership of George Jeffreys in 1915. One hundred years on, this charismatic Church movement is still going strong, and to celebrate its centennial year it has made an album.

ELIM100 is about ‘honouring the past and embracing the future’. ‘Have Thine Own Ways’ and ‘Power In The Blood’ are among the modernised classics featured. Alongside these, sit nine new songs, including ‘To Our God’ and ‘No Longer I’. The second track, ‘The Best is Yet to Come’, really captures the theme of the album, with lyrics such as: ‘Looking back/We know you’ve been faithful/We’re expectant for the future.’

Each song on this album seeks to express thankfulness towards God within this Church tradition. And although it is not a groundbreaking album, the production is well mastered and the new arrangements of old hymns are light and catchy.

LUCY SNELL is an LST music graduate and songwriter