Eager to Love is a winsome attempt to piggyback on the renewed interest in Franciscan spirituality in the wake of Pope Francis’ name and actions. It takes the lives of St Francis and ‘poor’ Clare and examines why they had such a revolutionary influence on the Church.

One of the key themes is the importance of ‘lived experience’ of God, rather than mere doctrinal knowledge. As ever with Rohr, there are scores of quotable one-liners about contemplative spirituality that many will (ironically) post on Facebook or Twitter. As you read, you are wooed by Rohr’s and St Francis’ obvious depth of intimacy and connectedness with their creator.

I love books that make you want to put them down and practise what they are preaching. There are times when you may not go along with all of Rohr’s theology, but that’s OK, as there is so much to glean that is wonderful.

ANDY FLANNAGAN is a London-based singer-songwriter