Compassionate Britain aims to unite people across the political spectrum to campaign against ‘welfare cuts targeted at disabled people’.

Founder Tanya Marlow, who is herself disabled and housebound with severe myalgic encephalomyelitis, argues that the welfare cuts have been falling disproportionately on disabled people.

‘Austerity should mean that everyone tightens their belts, and yet the sharp edge of the cuts has fallen repeatedly and disproportionately onto the most vulnerable,’ she said.

‘David Cameron promised that more money would go to the most severely disabled, and yet the reality is that money is being taken from the most severely disabled. He has gone on record committing to social justice and compassion, so this is about keeping our politicians accountable.

‘I’d love every Christian to read the facts, pray, and consider how they can help: whether that’s by supporting disability charities or writing to their MP,’ Marlow said.

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