According to a report on, Matt Catlow died during a meeting at Inglewhite Church, Lancaster where Robby Dawkins was ministering earlier this year.

It is reported he came back to life after Mr Dawkins prayed for him.

But an individual claiming to be Mr Catlow’s sister has disputed the evangelist’s account on a Facebook page titled ‘Robby Dawkins. The truth about the “resurrection”’.

Mr Dawkins said ‘a strong demonic presence’ came over Mr Catlow during the meeting. ‘I rushed over to him, putting my hand on his chest and forehead and began to bind demonic power and command the body to be loosed in Jesus’ name.’

Despite the evangelist’s continued prayers, it is claimed Mr Catlow stopped breathing. ‘I began to declare the resurrection life of Jesus Christ over him…I could hear his breathing start to recover and his colour starting to return.’

Dr Alastair Murdoch, a GP who was in the meeting, later backed up Mr Dawkins’ account of the events.

After the story was posted online, Dawkins revealed on his Facebook page that he had received ‘messages of unbelief and hate’ from atheists and cessationists.

Writing on the Facebook page set up to counter Dawkins’ claims, an individual claiming to be Mr Catlow’s sister says, ‘It has since been medically proven that Matthew had suffered an epileptic seizure which often can display similar signs of someone dying…Matthew did not die. The preacher from Inglewhite church has been so thrown by all of this that on Sunday just gone he stood at the front of church and apologized to his congregation for allowing Robby into their church.’

Speaking to Premier Christianity, Robby Dawkins said, ‘There were many eyewitnesses there that night… Matt died and came back as a result of prayer.

‘The said sister wasn’t present when this event happened. It’s sad she isn’t grateful for my response to her mother’s pleas for help.

‘I am unaware of the pastor apologizing for bringing me there. He thanked me for coming when I left.’

Inglewhite Church have declined to comment.