Defying ISIS will acquaint the reader with what ISIS has done in recent years to Christians in Syria and Iraq through accounts that are shocking and heartbreaking. The book also explores the very real threat ISIS poses to the Church in the West and gives practical suggestions on how the average Christian can counteract the spread of the organisation. We need to know that ISIS is now a well-financed, technologically sophisticated, propagandist machine. We must not underestimate its potential to reach us.

This book is well written and emotive. Its direct style urges us not to be unmoved by the dreadful plight of our Christian brothers and sisters. It’s a call to action to love and serve our communities and to demonstrate true Christianity. Defying ISIS asserts that there are things that we can do as Christians, even if we have done nothing to date, to come against the evil that is behind ISIS.

CLARE IRWIN assists her husband in pastoring one of Carmel City Church’s campuses