His comment came shortly after it was reported that an unnamed college Christian Union was banned from holding a prayer and Bible study meeting, purportedly on the grounds of the government’s anti-terrorism Prevent strategy.

Mr Cameron said people needed to ‘exercise some common sense in making these judgements’. Christian charity Festive is working with the Christian Union in question but has kept the college’s identity confidential.

It says the group has done nothing wrong. Speaking to Premier, Festive’s director, Toni Coulton, said: ‘I can’t imagine what a Christian Union could be doing.

‘If one came to us and we had any suspicion that they needed some help in some way we would go to the local churches and say this CU needs some help...but we have no indication that this is the case.’

It is believed to be the first Christian Union to be barred under Prevent. However, there are reports that two other groups are facing similar issues.

The government has said it cannot comment on the case as it is currently unaware which Christian Union has been prohibited from meeting.