This exhilarating, crowd-funded solo release is evidence that progressive rock is the best genre to capture the cosmic scale of God’s creation and his deep love for it.

While Iona co-founder Bainbridge has his sights set squarely on God, classic rock is firmly in his peripheral vision. This disc is like the healthy offspring of Iona and Patrick Moraz (Yes).

Freed from the band format, Bainbridge has minimised the Celtic elements and, with help from singer Damian Wilson, has embraced a more muscular, almost American mood, albeit with many British cameo lines.

Using towering symphonic passages, trademark ethereal backing and mellow, jazzy piano interludes, his tracks cover the hope of God’s recreation, Paul’s famous love chapter to the Corinthian church, spiritual freedom and a piece inspired by Aslan singing creation into being.

I’ve never heard such emotion in Bainbridge’s music. He has clearly thrown everything into this powerful, epic work. It is probably the best album he has ever made.

DEREK WALKER is an Anglican lay minister, kitchen designer and writer