Writing for the Premier Christianity blog, feminist campaigner Natalie Collins said, ‘I set up a petition calling for Hillsong to remove Mark Driscoll from their conference because I care about those Mark Driscoll has hurt. I care about those who have experienced spiritual abuse and have been ignored and I want to stand with them and say his behaviour was unacceptable, to declare that his ongoing choice to not apologise to his victims or step away from the platform for a prolonged period is not OK.’

Christian Vision for Men’s Carl Beech responded to the petition by writing, ‘It’s all a bit shouty and ranty. It’s like organised gang attacks and usually from the same direction over similar issues…Perhaps just vote with your feet and don’t go? That feels more Christ like.’

Hillsong spokesman Mark DeMoss told popular blogger Warren Throckmorton, ‘Hillsong is aware of the petition. The whole point of keeping Mark (and Grace) Driscoll on the conference program is so Brian Houston can interview them about events of the past year.’

The Hillsong Conference is due to take place from July 22-24 at the O2 arena, London.