Nothing could stop me this morning. I practically bounded out of bed. With too much energy and enthusiasm I leapt through the door of the tube several seconds after the 'closing doors' announcement had gone out. I was that annoying person; the one who gets stuck in the door and causes the whole train to be delayed.

Thankfully it was only my bag that got stuck and not my body (my banana, sadly, did not live to tell the tale) and I thus avoided having to be pried out. I would normally tut at people like me, but I shared a smile with a lady behind me on this occasion and beamed at the rest of the carriage at my achievement.

Why all the enthusiasm? Because I love Mondays. I do. I actually found myself looking forward to this morning at the weekend, and the opportunity of coming into work. True: I am blessed with a great job and great colleagues. But I truly believe that everyone, like me, can love Mondays.

Here are my top tips

1. Colleagues. Get to know them. Get to love them. And genuinely love them! Don't just spend time with them because you have to. If your colleagues don't easily bring out the loving side of you, do the practical love stuff: make them a hot drink, encourage them, offer to get the something from the shop.

2. Tasks. Try to set yourself small, doable, enjoyable tasks throughout the day. Whatever floats your boat - if admin is your thing, save your most enjoyable admin until last! Try to divide your enjoyable tasks throughout the day and week, so that you always have pockets of joy amidst the less enjoyable pockets.

3. Be creative. Think of ways to do your job differently. More effectively. More enjoyably. If there is nothing enjoyable about your job – then try to think of ways in which it could develop in the areas you enjoy! No boss will mind you thinking outside of the box about the extra ways in which you can help him or her.

4. Be positive. Remember: this is the day the Lord has made, and we should rejoice in it. Try not to focus on the evenings or weekends as your 'real' life, your 'fun' time, the 'real' you. If we all brought our weekend selves into work we might find we don't wait for the weekends anymore! God has plans for you right now.

At work. Sitting at your desk. Not just when you get home, or go to small group, or serve on the welcome team, or when you go on that summer mission trip. God wants to use us in our work places, right here, right now.