You could say the Newsboys are the Sugababes of Christian music, albeit with hairier chests. The Australian band’s line-up has changed continuously throughout its 25-year career – and with drummer Peter Furler leaving last year, none of the original members remain.

Former dc Talk vocalist Michael Tait is the band’s new frontman. It’s difficult to figure out whose musical vision you are buying into here. Tait is the only band member with a hand in writing some of the songs, the majority of which were co-written by production duo the Write Brothers. Some interesting themes are tackled in the songs, but musically this album sounds middling at best. The covers of ‘Mighty to Save’ and ‘Jesus Freak’ give the impression that the band has no new ideas. Maybe the Newsboys are Dr Who rather than the Sugababes, and this newly regenerated Doctor needs some time to get comfortable in his new body before setting out to save the world.