Packed full of inspiring stories and insightful reflection on the nature of mission, kingdom, gospel, church and life, this is a valuable handbook for those attempting to engage with an ever-changing culture in which people are increasingly distant from the established Church.

I appreciated this book for a number of reasons. It isn’t negative about the Church (as a church leader that matters to me!), nor is it prescriptive. Instead, it stirs the imagination for how God might want to work out his gospel life in your community, workplace and church.

Moynagh doesn’t create massive expectations about what these gospel communities might achieve. Some may always be small but effective; some will last a relatively short time. Others may grow and become independent churches.
I liked this book for its broad range of stories from different parts of the UK and overseas, its varied denominational perspectives and its accessible style. It will build confidence in church leaderships, create vision among those who want to see growth, and be of practical assistance to those pioneering this style of community.

LISA HOLMES is lead minister at Skipton Baptist Church