Legendary pop and CCM artist Amy Grant is to visit the UK in July for three acoustic shows in Glasgow, Belfast and Croydon.

 Grant is the best-selling Contemporary Christian Music singer ever. She has sold more than 30 million units worldwide and won six Grammy Awards. In an exclusive interview with Christianity magazine, she talked about her Christian faith and how it had influenced her. ‘I never doubted God,’ she said. ‘I had a few crises of faith in my own journey, usually as a result of a relationship gone bad [Grant was divorced from musician Gary Chapman in 1999, and married Vince Gill in 2000]. ‘You ask yourself, “How did this happen?” But part of maturing spiritually is putting less emphasis on our own journey. Reality doesn’t stop because we get sick, our best friend dies, or we go through a divorce.’ Grant is one of a few CCM artists to experience some success in the mainstream charts. ‘It’s such a mystery [to me] that my songs became known worldwide,’ she said. ‘I could have just sung in coffee houses all my life.’ Reflecting on life now, aged 50, she said: ‘This has been a beautiful season. My mom passed away on April 30th. She had hospice care in our home. My sisters and I spent time gathered around her bed, singing, telling stories and sharing memories. It puts life in perspective. So, ‘do what matters’, that’s what I’m feeling right now.’ www.amygrant.co.uk