How can we remain strong and certain in our Christian faith, publicly declaring its relevance and absoluteness, as society becomes increasingly atheist, relativistic and antagonistic? The book of Daniel is an excellent starting point and eminent mathematician John Lennox is a trustworthy guide.

Lennox explains why the structure of Daniel is highly significant. He quotes relevant parts of the New Testament and I found the link between the writing on the wall and Jesus’ writing in the sand especially interesting.

Daniel succeeded in his witness because he took time to befriend those in authority. Daniel believed the scriptures were the word of the living God and that it was possible for God to speak to him. ‘This conviction’, says Lennox, ‘is still the secret of how to live in “Babylon” without “Babylon” living in you.’

Against the Flow isn’t a quick, easy read. It’s a highly intellectual book, best read by scholars and theological students.

ANDREW DUBOCK is communications manager at Viva