The Police Service is in mourning today.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of our fallen colleague PC Keith Palmer. We pray for all those killed or injured in the terrorist attack in Westminster yesterday.

Metropolitan Police officers and staff stood together to protect our communities, without thought to their own safety. Together with our emergencies services colleagues, members of Parliament and the public, they all showed that the darkness of terrorism will not overcome.

We stand together with our Police colleagues and all our communities across the UK and across the world.

Please pray for the Police who protect our communities 24/7. 

Pray for their families who see their loved ones going out each day to do a difficult and dangerous role in support of protecting all of us. Pray that our communities will continue stand together and ensure that our joint values in the care and compassion for each other in this country will never be overcome by hate.

As the Rev Tony Miles prayed in response to the attack, "Lord, help us to unite against those who seek to destroy our Peace. May we not live in fear, But Love, for Love will ultimately triumph."

Lee Russell is the National Director of the Christian Police Association

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