It’s at this time each year that people ask me what it is that I’m feeling prophetically for the upcoming year. I find it fascinating that as each new year approaches there seems to be an avalanche of prophetic words that suddenly come out.

Christians everywhere start looking into the meaning behind specific numbers and calling forth their “jubilee seasons”. Some of us study the Jewish calendar to help predict what our future might hold, or reach out to our favourite prophetic voices to find out what insight they’ve got for us this year.

While I do believe that many of these signs have merit, I always try to remind people of this one crucial reality: because of the finished work of Christ, we are now living in perpetual jubilee and eternal Sabbath rest. 

It’s important for us to understand the times and the seasons, but it’s more important that our over-arching reality is an awareness that we constantly live within God’s goodness.

God ALWAYS wants to cancel our debt.

God ALWAYS wants to demolish slavery.

God ALWAYS wants to release people into freedom.

While I don’t do this often, this year I did find some time to pen down some of the things I am feeling for 2019. As you read this, keep in mind that his desires for you are good. And if you’re looking for a personal prophetic word, here it is: He loves you with an everlasting love, and has drawn you with loving-kindness (Jeremiah 31:3).

Happy New Year!

In 2019, the Body of Christ will experience a significant breakthrough in evangelistic effectiveness. There are going to be a number of evangelistic endeavours initiated that will produce much fruit as people begin to hunger for a deeper connection with God and as the world goes through a significant breaking open of spirituality as a result of a desire to connect with something transcendent. I believe the Church has a window of opportunity to be the answer to these realities and, subsequently, to experience an incredible harvest.

Power shift from west to east

I also see a significant transition in the natural from the west to the east. I believe that governments, financial centres, and authority bases are moving from west to east. Even financially, there is going to be a significant push towards a more eastern authority base. This will be true of the Church as well.

I believe that God is going to release an army of missionaries from the east that will begin to invade the west. There are going to be a number of churches that will be birthed because of a high-missional movement from places in the east.

God’s hand is on eastern nations in order to release a new way of extending the Kingdom of God. This innovative way of being the people of God will be rooted in significant community, transformation initiatives, and evangelistic breakthroughs. I also feel like God is going to be increasing the Church’s profile in this next season. In eastern nations and in places that traditionally have not been recognized as a spiritual authority, we are going to start to see an outbreak of the Gospel.

I feel like there is something profound on Russia, at the moment. In the midst of travesty and what looks like unhealthy government leadership, God is going to raise up an incredible move of the Spirit in Russia and there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people swept into the Kingdom.

As people begin to encounter God, there will be a significant, lasting impact made on the spiritual climate of Russia in a number of places. I feel like there is something of a revival that is going to begin to break out. Even in Moscow, there is going to be a significant breakout of the presence of God and a move of the Holy Spirit. Even the traditional church in Russia is going to begin to experience a reawakening.

The presence and the power of God breaking out, evidenced by many signs and wonders, will serve as a hallmark of what He is going to do.

A move of God in England and Hollywood

I also believe that God is wanting to highlight what he is doing in England.

England is on the brink of another great outpouring that will begin to undo some of the unhealthy liberal agendas. It will begin to disrupt the narrative, as more and more Christians find their voice and more and more people encounter the true, living God.

There is an outpouring of souls for England. A fresh wave of worship and a fresh wave of encounter is going to be released in the nation of England.

I feel like God is also going to do something quite significant in Hollywood in this next season. He’s already been doing some amazing things through a number of ministries that are involved in Hollywood but I believe there’s going to be a significant move of the Holy Spirit that is going to release a new sound of purity, morality, and grace. This new sound is going to be released from Hollywood through particular movies and productions that will reshape the consciousness and spirituality of a generation.

In addition, in this next season, the Church will gain a clearer understanding of what it means to be authentic. The Body of Christ will begin to comprehend in a greater measure its mandate to be a community that offers alternatives to the ineffective systems that the world is offering. God is giving authority back to the Church in order to be an influential force and to fulfil its commission to be salt and light on the Earth.

Solutions for natural disasters

I believe that God is going to release significant resources to the Church to be the answer to some natural disasters that are going to happen in 2019. God is calling the Church to prepare and to get their resources ready so that they can be the solution. The Church will lead the way in problem-solving and will provide practical solutions to very difficult disaster-response situations. I believe that God is going to release an anointing upon the Church to be the 'first-responders,' not only in the case of natural disasters but also political crises. God wants to give the Church a clear voice that will begin to direct and shape the way policies and decisions are being made during times of extreme difficulty. It won’t necessarily be overtly Christian but it will be an expression of the Kingdom of God in order to help establish God’s Kingdom on the Earth.

Julian is a Director at Frequentsee, and author of The Kiss of the Father. He is passionate about bringing people into an authentic encounter with the Holy Spirit. He resides in Durban, South Africa, with his wife, Katia, and two children. This blog first appeared on Frequentsee

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