Joanna Jepson was born with a jaw abnormality and her teenage years were marked by horrific bullying, which led to an emotional breakdown. But this is no sorry-for-me tale. Jepson recounts her years growing up in a loving, evangelical Christian home, while navigating all the fun and questions of being a teenager in an exuberant faithbased youth group. Some of those tales, despite the parallel heartache she was experiencing, were told with such hilarious honesty that I had a quiet little guffaw while reading on a long train journey.

A Lot Like Eve is based around the idea that ever since sin entered the world each of us are in search of a return to Eden and a return to being pure, holy and unashamed before God. This is a heart-warming traipse through Jepson’s own physical and emotional restoration. Her refreshing candour about the difficult questions she asked of God and others will be like balm to weary, questioning hearts. If you know someone wrestling with an unbalanced sense of worth, this is the book to give them.

PAULA CUMMINGS is head of PR and social media at UCB