1. There is no evidence that abortion improves mental health in unwanted pregnancies

2. There is some evidence that abortion is associated with poorer mental health compared to continuing an unwanted pregnancy 

3. Pro-life laws do reduce the number of abortions

4. Abortion does involve the killing of a human organism 

5. Abortion to save the life of a woman is already legal in Ireland

6. Most British women support stricter abortion law than current UK law

7. Children with disabilities are almost always glad they're alive 

8. Some abortion providers in the UK do encourage women to have abortions and aim to increase the number of abortions

9. Abortions to save the life of the woman are exceedingly rare 

Please look at the evidence before you vote and don't just rely on assertions! 

Dr Calum Miller is a medical doctor and bioethicist at the University of Oxford

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