The ComRes pre-election poll, commissioned by Premier Christian Radio, found that 40% of the 1,960 practising Christians surveyed strongly agreed and 41% tended to agree that ‘Britain seems to be going in the wrong direction morally’.

Sixty-four percent of those surveyed also said it is harder to be a Christian in Britain today than it was in 2010.

According the poll results, the Labour Party is most trusted to deliver on the top three priority areas for practising Christians: managing the NHS; making sure the benefits of economic growth are felt by all; and making the welfare system fairer.

When asked which of the main four party leaders would be ‘likely to build on Britain’s Christian cultural and political heritage’, 59% said none, 23% said David Cameron, 7% said Nigel Farage, 7% said Ed Miliband and 3% said Nick Clegg.