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1. In an interview with The Guardian, Farron was labelled as a ‘born–again evangelical Christian’, to which he responded: “I don’t like labels. I just count myself as a Christian, and my faith is in Jesus Christ, I put my trust in Him. I count Him as my Lord and Saviour, and I’m in no way ashamed of that.”

2. Addressing concerns about bringing faith into his politics, Farron said in an interview on Channel 4: “It is a peculiar thing to say, that someone who happens to be a member of a religious group, who is a Christian, can’t be liberal. Exactly the opposite.”

3. Talking to The Guardian about God’s guidance in his politics, he said: “Well, God is sovereign. Dreadful things happen in this world, but that reminds us that we need a saviour. I don’t go round fixating that God has some major plan for me. Maybe his plan is for me to lose a bunch of elections and be humbled. God’s plan could be that some pretty brutal things happen to you. But the one thing I fall back on is that God’s overall plan is good.”

4. In an interview on the Today Programme, Farron was also asked whether he would seek God’s guidance before making decisions, to which he responded: “It should be hardly surprising that someone of faith says prayers.”

5. Talking about the idea that people in public life are afraid to talk about religion. He said: “Yes. In America you’ve got to invent a faith to be taken seriously; in the UK you have to pretend not to have one. You shouldn’t be ashamed.”

6. Addressing criticism of his views on sexuality on Sky News Farron said: "I think the odd kind of focus upon my faith over the last few weeks is one that I think millions of people will just think is very peculiar. I think people think it's bizarre that journalists and others spend their time banging on about someone's faith."

Laura Pasquale is an apprentice at Christ Church Harpenden who has recently completed her degree in English Literature at The University of Reading. She tweets at @LauraPasquale5

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