1. Nick Dixon

Christianity and Me (19-24 August) is Nick Dixon’s Edinburgh show about his personal faith journey. Writing for Premier Christianity’s blog, Dixon explained: “I found myself getting back into Christianity, and one day the idea hit me to do a comedy show about it. Comedians naturally talk about what’s happening in their lives, especially at the Edinburgh Festival, where semi-theatrical one-person shows about very personal events (usually traumatic, for some reason) have become the norm. I told my manager the idea, he said it was genius, and that was it, I was committed.”

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2. Bec Hill

I’ll be Bec (20-25 August) has been billed as a comedy/sci-fi mash-up. The premise of the show is that Hill goes into the future so that we don’t have to. She comes back to answer all our questions: what are we wearing? Are robots in control? Are we on fire?

In a recent interview with Premier Christianity, Hill said: “It’s the most personal show I’ve done, in terms of the things that scare me and the things that bother me, because I try and distract myself from them a lot.”

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3.       Milton Jones

Milton Jones is open about his faith on social media but doesn’t tend to talk about it in his stand-up. At Edinburgh this year his show Milton Impossible (18 August) tells the story of how one man (Jones) became an international spy before being given a disappointing new identity that forced him to appear on Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo. Punters can enjoy an hour of “just gloriously daft nonsense”.

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 4.       Richard Wright

Richard Wright’s solo show – Richard Wright is just happy to be involved (20-25 August) – does what it say on the tin: it’s one man who, in the words of Robbie Williams, just wants to entertain you.

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 5.       Tim Vine

Perhaps comedy’s best-known Christian, Tim Vine is a familiar face on the circuit. His stand-up consists primarily of a series of one-liners and puns, a skill recognised in 2010 when he won the funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe.

His 2019 show Tim Vine Presents: Plastic Elvis in Concert (7 August) sees him dressing up as Elvis and singing all the King’s big hits. “You’ll be dazzled by leg movements even Plastic isn’t expecting”.

In a hilarious interview with Premier Christianity Vine said his faith was important to him but that he’s suspicious of people “who appear to have all the answers…and jealous as well”.

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