1. Asia Bibi


Asia Bibi has been on death row in Pakistan since her conviction in 2010. She was accused of insulting the Prophet Mohammed during a discussion with Muslim women. Her family says the woman used blasphemy laws to settle a personal score. She had been due to find out her fate in her last ditch appeal earlier in October but the decision was delayed when a judge pulled out of the case. If her appeal fails she will be hanged.

2. Pastor Behnam Irani



Pastor Irani has actually been released from his six year jail sentence in Iran but is suffering serious injuries and mental health problems. He was imprisoned in 2011 for "action against the state" and "action against the order" for holding house church meetings.During his time behind bars he was transferred to Iran's toughest prison, held in solitary confinement and then put in a cell holding violent prisoners that had no room to lie down. He's been receiving treatment for vomiting blood.

3. Hu Shigen



Hu Shigen was an elder at Holy Love Church in the eastern Zheijiang Province of China until his arrest in August. He was jailed for more than seven years for what the Chinese government calls crimes against the state. The 67 year old was accused of leading an "underground organisation" that masqueraded as a church. Officials say he was dedicated to drawing attention to accusations of government abuses. Previously he spent 16 years in prison for handing out leaflets about the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

4. Rev Kuwa Shamal (left) 5. Rev Hassan Abduraheem (right)


Both these men are facing the death penalty in Sudan and are charged with seven crimes, including waging war against the state and espionage. They're two of four men accused of funding a rebel group in the country. The pair say they helped raise money to pay for the medical treatment of a man seriously injured during a protest. Their trial has been beset with delays and problems. It is currently adjourned.

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