1. Wayne Rooney


Millions follow the footballer's tweets. And many of them were surprised to read his message: '@godtv I'm watching and feel you. Much love.' Following backlash from some of his followers, Rooney deleted the tweet, but the 29 year old has been open about his search for God. He's spoken previously of how he prays for his family before every match. Rooney was raised a Catholic and is often pictured wearing a cross and rosary beads

2. Russell Brand

The comic turned political campaigner says his beliefs underpin everything. Brand doesn't fit into a neat religious category. He wouldn't self describe as a Christian, but he's adamant he believes in God. He has rejected atheism in favour of mysticism: 'I choose to believe in God because I think what that is, is the recognition that there is divine beauty in all of us, and if we prioritise that over our own selfish material needs we will naturally create a culture more in harmony with our planet and we'll have a chance'. He believes that ultimately all religions have the same message of 'be nice'.

3. Liam Gallagher


When Oasis were at the height of their fame, Noel Gallagher was asked if his band were 'bigger than Jesus'. The singer replied, 'has Jesus played Knebworth recently?' Noel would later give an interview where he admitted he didn't believe in God. But if recent reports are to be believed, his brother and Oasis bandmate Liam is a lot more open to the possibility. Liam Gallagher has been spotted in church praying leading to speculation he may have rediscovered his Catholic faith. 

4. Katy Perry

Photo: Wikimedia (CC)

Born to devout Christian parents, Katy Perry (who released a Christian album under the name 'Katy Hudson') is well acquainted with religious belief. She told Rolling Stone magazine, 'speaking in tongues is as normal to me as 'Pass the salt.' It's a secret, direct prayer language to God.' While the singer has now rejected her Christian faith she says she still has a connection with God. 'I’m not Buddhist, I’m not Hindu, I’m not Christian, but I still feel like I have a deep connection with God...I pray all the time — for self-control, for humility.'

5.Tinie Tempah 

Daniel Gregory

While some rappers are known for their involvement in drugs and violence, Tinie Tempah says he wants to be a role model to young people. Speaking to The Independent he said: 'I definitely believe in God. I pray as much as possible. I think it's imperative to have faith or religion, because it's good to have morals, to be kind to others.'

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