Feeling as though you’re losing your faith is not uncommon. Many of us go through times when things get so difficult that it’s hard to see the bigger picture.

Doubt can be overwhelming. But fortunately, history has provided us with a breadth of inspirational works, which can help us get back on track and remind us of the true essence of our faith. Here are four of the best:

1. The Interior Castle - St Theresa of Avila

This 16th century masterpiece has given comfort to readers for hundreds of years. St. Theresa is said to have received a vision from God and transcribed it into this beautiful collection of written works.

The writings describe our interior castle as being split into seven mansions, each one step closer to truly realising God. Every section gives the reader instructions and practical advice to navigate through the castle and back to complete faith via variations in prayer and spiritual meditation.

2. Choosing to SEE - Mary Beth Chapman

More often than not, loss of faith comes after a traumatic event. In these moments of grief, it can be easy to lose faith. Choosing to SEE deals with this tough topic. 

Married to singer, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mary Beth Chapman's life in the public eye was never what she had planned. Then, after her five-year-old daughter was tragically killed in an accident involving her son, the writer was plunged into years of depression, leading to trouble in her marriage and questions about the God she has always been so sure of.

In her book, Mary talks about the journey toward being able to find love and laughter in the world. As she looks back on her life and sees how nothing has turned out the way she expected, she realised that a bigger plan had been set for her all along. Chapman shows us what it means to 'Choose to SEE' and explains how it’s possible for each one of us.

3. The Varieties of the Religious Experience - William James

One problem sometimes associated with organised Christianity - with our many different denominations and traditions - is that it can be easy to feel as if you're doing it wrong and that your expression of Christian belief is in some way inferior to others. 

This comprehensive book by Harvard Professor William James is a beautiful collection of documented spiritual experiences and, for two reasons, will be helpful if you're struggling with faith. 

First, it will remind you of your own personal relationship with God. It provides inspirational stories about the miraculous effect that nurturing this connection with God can have in your life.

Secondly, it provides a vast range of stories throughout history and stands as a beautiful testimony to the fact that every journey is different. Just because you aren’t finding God in the way your pastor or schoolteacher would like you to, doesn’t mean that your path is any less valid.

4. Come Be My Light - Mother Theresa

When it comes to inspiring Christians, Mother Theresa is definitely at the top of my list. She embraced the golden rule in every action and decision she made and moved through the trials and tribulations of life with unshakeable grace.

This collection of her private writings gives a unique insight into the mind and life of one of the most inspirational souls of our generation. While on the surface she moved with the airs of a saint, her words suggest that she struggled with internal battles and often felt spiritually empty.

The cruel realities of our world can often affect our inner-grounding. Mother Theresa teaches us that even in these moments of doubt and uncertainty complete conviction in your beliefs will always guide you back to your true path.

Cassie Phillips is an entertainment blogger and a devout follower of Jesus. She finds great solace in her faith and hopes she can share the peace she has found with others and help those who are questioning their journey

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