Using the image of a white Lego tower with a red Lego block bolted on top, Wynne explores how the red block can represent our Christian faith. He argues that we often add it or remove it depending on our feelings rather than allowing the gospel to pervade our lives so that it grips our minds, touches our hearts and engages our wills; transforming the white tower into a red one.

Wynne also uses an image from a poem he wrote as child to show how the omission of a single letter can completely alter the sense of something, challenging readers to ensure that their Christian faith is complete with no confusing omissions.

The author aligns his chapters with the book of Romans. This provides a helpful structure and enables the reader to gain a strong understanding of this Pauline letter.

If you like your theology fairly black and white and in clear chunks, this book will suit you. If, like me, you prefer things a bit messier and less prescriptive, it may prove frustrating, although it is a good springboard to work from and contains some helpful stories and illustrations.

LISA HOLMES is lead minister at Skipton Baptist Church