1. The hashtag #CrazyJesusFollowers starts trending

2. Health and Safety chiefs condemn inadequate risk assessment following reports of fire and wind

3. Bill Johnson says that technically Peter and his gang have received an impartation-of-the-fourth-wave-of-the-Toronto-catch-the-fire-again-again-renewal-stream (which started at Bethel)

4. John Macarthur announces a conference where everyone will sit down and be sensible

5. Egalitarian & feminist bloggers express disappointment at the all-male line up of the event

6. Complementarian & conservative bloggers express concern at Peter’s reference to ‘both men and women’ prophesying

7. Those who missed it complain that 9 o-clock in the morning is way too early to begin a conference and why was there no live-streaming?

8. The apostles sign a book/DVD deal called ‘How to add 3,000 people to your church in one day’

9. Comedy atheist Ricky Gervais tweets that while the disciples claimed not to be drunk they still might have been smoking something

10. The following day, God TV arrives to film the ‘nightly outpouring’ 

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