Whatever your view is, ‘Christianised’ pop songs aren’t going away anytime soon. So fire up the chart show theme music, holy pop-pickers, as George Luke counts down the 10 best (or worst) Christian remakes of pop hits.

10. Godman Style

In a previous life, Nigell Lewis (together with his brother Marvin) gave us 'Follow the Leader’ - Soca music's biggest international hit which isn't called 'Hot, Hot, Hot'. Since becoming a Christian, Nigell has devoted his talents to recording Soca-flavoured Gospel songs. Why he decided that Psy's global hit needed ‘Christianising’ is  beyond me, though...

9. Hey Hey, We’re Not Monkeys 

This diss track to Charles Darwin is the work of John & Denny, two DJs on America’s Family Life Network. It kind of falls apart with the line 'We’re not related to Tarzan' though. Nobody’s related to Tarzan - what with him being a fictional character and all… 

8. Dear Slim 

KJ52’s open letter to Eminem was inspired by Eminem’s almost-Christmas number 1, ‘Stan’. For his trouble, KJ ended up at number 26 on VH-1’s Top 40 Worst Moments in Hip Hop

Technically this isn't a remake; for that, you need to hear...

7. The Real Sin Saviour

6. Crank Dat Church Boy 

Onward, Christian souljas…

5. Can’t Forget You

Cee-Lo Green’s F-bomb laden chart-topper from a couple of years ago, nicely ‘Christianised’ by a group called the Trachead Family. I wonder what Mr Green said when he heard this? 

4. Christ is Risen Up (the Easter song)

Given what a huge hit ‘Uptown Funk’ was, it was only a matter of time before some saint got their holy paws on it… and boy, what a hot mess this lot have made out of it. The pained expression on the guitarist’s face speaks volumes.

3. Happy by Adam & Kid

I actually like this one. London’s South Bank has never looked happier.

2. Church Signs by Dustin Ahkuoi

Now here’s someone who gets it! Witty and gives both cheesy church signs and Robin Thicke’s hit the treatment they deserve.

1. Baby Got Book

The original 'we can’t decide whether he’s being serious or taking the mickey' Christianised remake. Replacing 'baby' with 'Jesus' is one thing, but replacing 'bottoms' with 'Bibles'?!? Takes all sorts, I suppose. Sing it with me. 'I like big Bibles and I cannot lie…'

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