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    "The first time I went running I managed 30 seconds before dropping to my knees and begging for mercy. The second time I started crying..."

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    Marcus Brigstocke: Why I am not a Christian


    The God of Abraham that I was introduced to as a child, the politics – right-leaning, selective, unmoving ethical standpoints on issues such as sexuality – bump up against my politics very quickly...

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    The Ministry of Mr Tumble


    The ailing children’s TV sector has been single-handedly revived by one man, who drives adults crazy, but is a hero among the under-5s. Martin Saunders on the rise and rise of Justin Fletcher...

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    Five Reasons Why Grown-Ups Will Love The Muppets Too


    It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights...Unless you've been hiding in a cave for the past few months, you will be aware that the Muppets are well and truly back (and if you have been living in a cave for the last few months, why ...

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    What Christians Can Learn From Richard Dawkins


    It's difficult not to feel gleeful at militant athiest Richard Dawkins' gaffe in which he completely destroyed his own argument, made himself look foolish and called on the help of his maker (God) - all at the same time. It's a dangerous thing to be so sure you're right that ...

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    I’m A Girl. Catholic Priests In Training Are Boys


    Arriving only a few minutes before mass was scheduled to begin, I pelted along the cloistered corridor towards the chapel. Entering the room, service sheet in hand, I was greeted by 60 expectant faces. Not only was I a visitor - very evident among members of a tight-knit community like ...

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    Is Christianity Really Under Attack?


    If you believed everything you read in the papers, this could be the final piece published on this site. 'Christianity under attack,' screamed the front page of Saturday's Daily Mail after two separate court rulings last week.On the same day that the National Secular Society won a ruling that local ...

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    Mark Driscoll: 'I go too far sometimes'


    Mega church pastor Mark Driscoll’s no nonsense sermons have won him legions of fans (and a few critics) on both sides of the Atlantic. Justin Brierley talks sex, sermons and the role of women with the American Church’s buffest export.