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    Elisabeth Elliot - Lucy S R Austen


    If you are among the millions of people who’ve read Elisabeth Elliot’s bestselling book Through Gates of Splendor (Tyndale), then this biography’s subject will be familiar to you. If not, then keep reading, because evangelicalism on both sides of the Atlantic has been heavily influenced by Elliot. ...

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    This meticulously researched biography of a 19th century preacher will have limited appeal


    Baptist Wriothesley Noel, the largely-forgotten minister at St John’s Proprietary Chapel, London, was a popular preacher who drew large crowds. He was also an aristocrat with strong political connections, and one of the leading voices of the evangelical wing of the Church of England.Always pushing for ...

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    Philip Yancey: How every Christian can get more out of their Bible reading


    As someone who has been writing for half a century, I read the Bible differently to most people. Accepting it as our primary source for what God wants us to know about reality, I also can’t help peeking behind the words to its human authors. I read Isaiah and marvel ...