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    Communion then and now


    Traditions may have changed over the centuries, but wherever and whenever we eat the bread and drink the wine, we share fellowship together as one family – and with Jesus – says David Instone-Brewer

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    The Word - John Barton


    John Barton’s understanding of the nuances of Bible translation flow from a lifetime of study. In The Word he shows how it has been key at critical junctures in history. There are many issues that arise in translating, particularly the balance between preserving the authority of the ...

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    Dining with Jesus - Kate Jackson


    Kate Jackson’s brilliant book is marketed as “a seven course Bible study” – seven chapters, seven meals with Jesus. It will be well received by small group leaders everywhere. There are excellent individual and group questions, quotes from biblical scholars, useful cultural insights and thoughtful reflections from ...

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    What does it mean to fear God?


    In spite of its negative connotations, fear is a common word in the Old Testament. Lois Tverberg explains how Christians should understand it


    Surprised by Jesus is a ‘must-have’ book for any Christian


    ‘Jesus Christ simply cannot be tamed.’ This is a helpful guide for every Christian secretly pondering what Jesus was like. Surprised by Jesus points to the four gospels to show four key aspects of Jesus’ character and mission on earth. Every gospel reveals a surprise - Matthew; ...

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    How our church is studying the Bible with Christians in Burundi


    A church in Norwich is learning from the experiences of Christians 6,000 miles away, as two congregations come together to study the scriptures over Zoom