Amanda Pilz

Amanda Pilz

Amanda is a freelancer who writes profiles of notable individuals and thought-provoking Christian-interest interviews.

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    Finding the father I lost


    Family breakdown and estrangement from her father led Amanda Pilz to question everything. She relates how the pain of her journey has led to wholeness

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    From filthy rich to heavenly wealth


    Manoj Raithatha appeared to have it all: a business turning over £70m, a lavish lifestyle and a young family. But suddenly his world fell apart, catapulting him in a completely different direction.

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    Africa's martyrs


    Sub Saharan Africa is seeing tremendous growth in numbers of Christians. But it is simultaneously experiencing a wave of vicious persecution. Amanda Pilz investigates.

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    Small is beautiful


    Does our enthusiasm to grow our churches lead us to overlook the benefits, beauty and unique missional potential of the small church community?

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    Profile: Gary Haugen


    Gary Haugen has witnessed some of the most devastating human rights abuses of this generation from child slavery to the exhumation of genocide victims in Rwanda. Despite encountering ‘deep evil’ up close, he still believes justice can prevail

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    Estate of Eden


    Interested in literally living out your faith? Christianity magazine travels to Leigh to meet the Christians doing just that...

  • Danielle Strickland

    Profile: Danielle Strickland


    Danielle Strickland spends her days in brothels ministering to prostitutes, or trawling the streets praying with drug addicts. Her uncomfortable but challenging message to the church is that it has abandoned the poor...