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    ​Why is Generation Z leaving the Church?


    Gen Z is made up of people aged 10-25. The vast majority of 'Zoomers' say they have 'no religion'. Brian Mountford has been researching why they typically reject Christian faith. Here's what he's discovered 

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    How to reach your agnostic friends


    The angry atheism once popularised by Richard Dawkins is now widely considered to be just as dogmatic as fundamentalist religion. But with growing numbers of people preferring a gentler, more agnostic approach to faith, Andrew Sach and Jonathan Gemmell explore how we can best reach the fence sitters

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    Invisible kingdom: What happened when an agnostic journalist met an evangelical pastor


    The open, but agnostic journalist Duncan Evans meets evangelical Middle Eastern pastor Nabil Zakhary A storm hangs over the city as the train pulls out from Redfern Station. Sydney’s Inner West rolls by, a damp and dense collection of workers’ cottages, terraced houses, apartment blocks and corner ...