John Pantry

John trained as a studio engineer in the music industry and for many years worked on records for groups like the Bee Gees, Kinks, The Small Faces and many more. As a songwriter he was signed to record his own albums and also began producing records for other artists. Through this work he encountered Christians and his childhood faith was renewed in the process.  He then made over a dozen albums as Christian and toured the world for some years spending many months in California with Maranatha Music. 

Sensing a call to more formal ministry he was accepted by the Church of England for training and eventually ordained in 1993. He joined Premier Radio in 1996, was later given Inspirational Breakfast to host and is there still. When away from Premier, if he’s not conducting a wedding or taking a church service, you’ll find him building something out of wood or bricks. He’s been married to Jackie forever and they have three married children, seven grandchildren, a Spaniel called Louis and an allotment where they grow their own fruit and vegetables.


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