Watch: D-Day veteran preaches the gospel on BBC Breakfast

Harry Billinge, 94 had sat down on the BBC Breakfast sofa for a conversation about Remembrance Day. But when the conversation turned to faith, it caught the presenters by surprise. Nevertheless, Billienge was able to give a mini-sermon on everything from repentance to the second coming of Christ

War veteran Harry Billinge rose to public prominence this past summer, when the BBC conducted a series of interviews with him on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Billinge spoke movingly on Songs of Praise about his memories. He also appeared on BBC Breakfast in an interview which later went viral. 

"I'm not a brave man. I'm lucky," he said, as he remembered the many friends he lost in the war. 

On Friday, Billinge was invited into the BBC studios to talk about the British Normandy Memorial, which he'd helped fund, and is now being built in a field overlooking “Gold Beach” - one of the areas of the allied invasions in the Normandy landings.

But towards the end of the clip, the conversation turned to faith (watch below from 9:10)

When asked about his message for young people today, he replied: "A lot of youngsters give me money for the memorial. But beyond all comprehension about D-Day I hope they will learn to love one another. There's a lot of hate, greed and nonsense.

"I served under King George VI - he was a wonderful, kind and understanding man. He used to have a Day of Prayer. It's a pity we don't have a Month of Prayer! We've got so much to thank God for!"

"They've got no time for God and I don't think we'll ever come round. 'Turn back O Man / Forswear Thy Foolish ways.'

"We've been stupid. We're so clever we can blow one another up...but we don't love one another. That's the strongest thing on earth - love. Love is stronger than death. Our Lord Jesus said he'd be back, and he will. It says in Revelation 'I saw a new heaven and a new earth'. And that's what I believe too."

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