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Katie Davis Majors shows us how to leave behind our anxious thoughts and embrace a steady confidence that we are never beyond the reach of God’s loving hand.

As our outward circumstances become less stable, less peaceful, and less certain, our anxiety and stress can feel overwhelming. Join Katie Davis Majors as she reminds us that we serve a God who promises – no matter what - an inner peace that transcends all understanding.

As a missionary, wife, and mum of fifteen, Katie knows how hard it can be to receive God’s peace instead of giving in to fear and worry. Family emergencies, unexpected life-shifting events, and the busy rhythms of family life have at times left her reeling.

In her new book, Safe All Along, Katie offers reflections and stories from around the world and from her own kitchen table about her personal journey toward living from a place of surrendered trust. Every chapter leads us deep into Scripture as we learn what it looks like to break free from anxiety and take hold of peace.

Rich in biblical explorations of lament and praise, forgiveness and hope, service and surrender, Katie asks us what practical choices can we make to experience the peace Jesus promised amid disappointment and uncertainty? How can we live with joy and confidence even when we’re pulled into the rapids of life?

In this encouraging guide to surrendering the illusion of control and leaning more fully into God’s love, we are reminded that God sees every unexpected turn in our life’s journey and He will never let us go. We are safe all along.

’God is who He says He is, and when we cannot hold on any longer, He will not let go. He will carry us.’

Safe All Along shows us that our circumstances cannot rob us of peace if we intentionally place our confidence in the One who is unshakable.

Katie hopes that readers will ‘experience the deep peace that comes from knowing that God sees the whole path, and has intentions only to bring you safely home.’


Katie Davis Majors is the bestselling author of Kisses from Katie and Daring to Hope. She is the founder of Amazima Ministries, an organisation that desires to empower people in Uganda through authentic relationships, education, community strengthening, vocational training and spiritual discipleship.

If you are in the middle of your deepest pain, I pray you know Him there in the boat with you. If you feel that the rapids of doubt and confusion and anxiety might just pull you under, I pray you know that He is never going to let you drown. Amen

Safe All Along: Trading our fears and anxieties for God’s unshakable peace is published by Authentic Media, ISBN: 9781788933162,