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Help increase your monthly donations by using a digital collection plate. Plus an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT FOR PREMIER CHRISTIANITY



The results of this innovation speak for themselves. Supported by Dona’s contactless donation terminals, 1,200 churches across the UK have raised an impressive £12 million and counting, with an average donation of £13 as well as Gift Aid on eligible donations. This is not just about statistics; it’s about community projects, outreach efforts, and sustaining church operations.


And for churches considering this digital leap, Dona offers a compelling incentive exclusively for Premier Christianity readers: a £100 discount on contactless donation terminals until the end of November. Just mention Premier Christianity when enquiring.



Benefits for Churches:

Efficiency: With contactless terminals, the process of collecting and managing donations becomes streamlined.

Increased Donations: As society becomes more cashless, offering a digital option can lead to more frequent and sometimes larger contributions.

Real-time Tracking: Churches can monitor donations in real-time, aiding in budgeting and financial planning.

Safety: Reduces the risks associated with handling cash, especially in large amounts.

Benefits for the Congregation:

Convenience: No need to carry cash or write cheques; a simple tap will suffice.

Flexibility: Allows for spontaneous giving, even if one forgets their wallet with payments by smart device.

Choice: Donors can choose where their donations go, whether it’s for general funds, specific projects, or outreach efforts.

Security: Contactless payments are encrypted, ensuring donor details remain confidential.


Throughout history, the tradition of tithing has been a cornerstone of many religious communities. From ancient times, when believers might offer a portion of their harvest or livestock, to today, when most drop paper currency or coins into a collection plate, the act of giving has remained a constant. But as we move further into the digital age, it’s clear that the ways in which we give are evolving.

In recent years, our day-to-day lives have seamlessly transitioned to a more digital format. From food deliveries and virtual appointments to streaming our favourite shows, it’s undeniable: digital is now integral. This transformation has prompted churches to adapt, ensuring they cater to the changing preferences of their congregations.

Enter Dona. Recognising the shift in societal behaviour and understanding the unique requirements of religious institutions, Dona has designed a card donation terminal specifically for churches that accepts payments via contactless and Chip & PIN. The goal? To seamlessly blend tradition with the conveniences of today’s technology.

Embracing such modern solutions ensures churches remain vibrant and relevant in an evolving world. If you’re interested in the prospects of modernising your church’s donation system, visit our website and click on ‘Enquire’. Let’s together shape the future of church giving.