Steve Maltz

Steve Maltz

Steve Maltz has been described as the Bill Bryson of theology and Christian history. His books are written from a conservative theological position, with a lightness of touch that makes sometimes difficult topics accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience. Steve is a Jewish believer in Jesus and well known in UK Messianic circles because of the success of his trilogy, The Land of Many Names, The People of Many Names and Jesus, Man of Many Names, which seek to explain Israel, the Jews and Jesus from a Jewish perspective. Maltz works as a freelance web consultant and has worked as a tour guide, systems analyst, project manager, software, website and computer games designer. He is a veteran of the computer games industry. Steve co-founded Saltshakers, one of the world's most popular messianic websites. Steve Maltz is married, with three sons, two freeloading cats and lives in East London.

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    Israel is the Church’s blindspot


    Any serious intercessor understands the importance of praying for Israel, yet most of the Church remains blind to the reality of God’s ongoing plan for the Jews, says Steve Maltz