In the face of suffering, hard places or loss, Goff Hope encourages us to hope in the gospel and the goodness of God.

Hope is fundamental for human wellbeing but it is in short supply in our world. We can quickly be robbed of hope by illness, personal tragedy or by the sheer oppressive nature of news headlines.

In the new book Hope Wins, which draws on his own personal experiences including the tragedy of suddenly losing his daughter and his own battle with prostate cancer, Goff shares how holding on to the Christian hope of an eternal future transformed the darkest moments of his life.

Interweaving personal testimony of the goodness of God with biblical teaching on heaven, Goff encourages us to see that when tough times come, and we are tempted to doubt or ask the big questions, such as Why, Lord?, we can have hope if we keep our eyes on Jesus and have a heavenly perspective on life.

‘Hope has the ability to excite, to lift our spirits. It has power to inspire great achievements, to endure hardship, press on in the face of incredible odds and remain resilient in desperate times.’

Concentrating on the reality of heaven has been pivotal for Goff through his grief journey. Despite being a foundational belief for previous generations, heaven has become a rather neglected subject today and Goff suggests that now ‘many Christians find themselves ill-equipped to face the big challenges of life including suffering and death’. Goff argues that the gospel hope in heaven is the fundamental key to being able to live well now.

Goff says: ‘Hope Wins is a story of loss that shows how the magnificent future hope of the Christian can transform the present, displacing despair with hope and giving joy on the journey of life.’

Hope Wins will enable you to take a fresh look at your eternal destiny and show you how this hope can transform the darkest moments of your life.

Goff prays that ‘readers will find encouragement in the face of hopelessness, suffering and loss, and instead of a fear of the future, find a hope and even a longing.’

Goff Hope has been a leader at King’s Community Church, Norwich for over 30 years, and is involved in the training of leaders within the Newfrontiers network.

‘We need to rediscover the importance of that clear and certain hope, what it means for us individually and for the world in which we live. Only then will we have the antidote to the epidemic of anxious fear that is in contemporary culture, and have a message of astonishing hope for an increasingly hope-less generation.’


Hope Wins: How a vision of our eternal future impacts our lives today is published by Authentic Media, ISBN: 9781788932769,

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