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Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition

9780564082476 GNB Children's Rainbow Edition (1)

Size: 120 x 185mm

RRP: £18.99


Developed using ideas and feedback from parents, teachers and children, the Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition encourages questions, sparks creativity and builds understanding.

It’s packed with educational features to support children’s learning ranging from hundreds of engaging interactions within the text, to beautiful full-colour illustrations, specially chosen by children.

Bible Society and RE:QUEST have been working hard to transform a popular classic into the best full-text Bible available for children today. We’re so excited about the release of the new Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition on 8 September.

What features make this Bible so accessible, informative, and engaging?

· Two-colour text throughout to highlight key information and provide visual appeal

· Full-page introductions to each book of the Bible

· Highlighted reading trail that takes the reader through the overarching story of the Bible

· Key words list to unpack meaning and provide context for some of the main theological concepts in the Bible

· Thirty-six pages of new helps including useful explanations and information

· Beautiful colour illustrations

9780564082476 GNB Children's Rainbow Edition (2)

Whether you’re looking to use it at home or in schools and churches, the Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition is perfect for anyone looking to provide a child with their first full-text Bible.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve had the privilege of sharing the Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition with parents, teachers, and children over these last few months, including throwing a launch party at Tadpole Farm Primary School in July. The children loved what they saw (and we’re not just talking about the cake)!

GNB Rainbow Party Spread

Parents, teachers and, most importantly, children say the Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition is a winner. They love the look of the cover, they find the illustrations captivating, and they’re eager to delve into the attractive and accessible content.

Here are just some of the lovely endorsements this Bible has received:

‘Accessible, informative, beautifully illustrated, but, most of all, fun – a Bible that will help your child understand and grow to love God’s Big Story!’

Bob Hartman – Children’s author and storyteller 

‘As a child, I struggled to remember all the parts of this big story, but now there are headlines, family trees, key words, and atmospheric illustrations to guide children through. Like sunshine after rainclouds, The Children’s Rainbow edition lives up to its name.’

Austen Hardwick – Discipleship Specialist (Children), The Salvation Army

‘The new Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition is a lovely edition of the Christian Scriptures very well suited to the needs of 7 to 11-year-olds in church, school, or family. It’s very child friendly and full of helpful and supportive extras.’

Lat Blaylock – National RE Adviser and Editor of REtoday

Alongside the Good News Bible – The Youth Edition and the Good News Bible – Family Edition, the Good News Bible – Children’s Rainbow Edition is part of a collection of Good News Bibles designed for the next generation. Make it your priority to equip the next generation with the Bible.