Phoebe Hill

Phoebe Hill is head of research at Youthscape, a theology PhD student at King’s College London and a volunteer youth worker.

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    Why ME?


    An account of living with chronic illness.

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    Why young people need you


    We need a seismic shift in the way we do and think about youth ministry, says Premier Youthwork editor Phoebe Thompson. And you might just be part of it.

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    Say My Name! (Or At Least Spell It Right)


    It was 11.29am. Having been excused from work I stood with 20 or 30 others in the queue. There were sixth-formers who had skived school to be there. Smart-looking young professionals from the Home Office across the road. Eager tourists just coming along for the ride (and possibly receiving something ...

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    I’m A Girl. Catholic Priests In Training Are Boys


    Arriving only a few minutes before mass was scheduled to begin, I pelted along the cloistered corridor towards the chapel. Entering the room, service sheet in hand, I was greeted by 60 expectant faces. Not only was I a visitor - very evident among members of a tight-knit community like ...