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‘Am I ALIVE?’ This is the question that Hope Together wants to ‘go viral’ in the lead-up to Easter 2024. We want churches and Christians everywhere to get involved and start meaningful conversations around Jesus’ resurrection.

The Talking Jesus research which surveyed people throughout the country on their beliefs shows that 45% of people in the UK do think that Jesus came back to life after he died on the cross. Surprised? You can check out the research for yourself. Some people fully believe in the resurrection (16%), while others believe to a varying extent (29%). It’s this 29% of the population that are open but not certain who we have created the ALIVE series for.

Hope Together and its partners, Bible Society and Kingsgate Church, want to enable local churches through the ALIVE series and resources. By running and inviting people to the ALIVE series, local Churches can help people in cities and towns throughout the UK to discover the truth and relevance of the post-resurrection claims of Jesus.

The ALIVE series sessions are video and discussion-based, designed for a church-wide or small group setting with the ALIVE book accompanying it. There is a version of the series for younger people called Encounters with material specific to youth groups and young adults. The Bible Society and Hope have also created resources for primary school-aged children and families.

On the ALIVE journey, participants will meet some of the people who met the resurrected Jesus and whose lives were changed as a result; people like Mary who encountered love, the disciples on the road to Emmaus to whom hope was restored, Thomas who experienced peace, Peter who found freedom,and Paul who was given a new purpose. Many people today are looking for the same things: love, hope, peace, freedom and purpose. The ALIVE resources aim to build a bridge between felt needs and what the alive Jesus offers.

To get involved, you’ll need to take the first step to run an ALIVE series in your chosen context. Pray to reach non-Christian friends, the local community and your congregations and invite all those you know to join.

To help spark the conversation, Hope has supplied outreach resources so your church or team can invite people where you live with banners, posters, flyers, and newspaper handouts. Churches are encouraged to take part in the big ‘spray the streets’ event on 28th March using the ALIVE stencil to chalk #AMIALIVE. Explore the resources.

Hope will run a digital campaign to support the series launches, helping to invite people to come along to your first session, which we suggest is run within two weeks of Easter.

Be part of the conversation!