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    Pity the poor 20-something Christian in our society. Bombarded on one side by a media and culture that urges them to have uncommitted sex at any opportunity, and on the other by a Church that tells them sharply that they should not (but they should get married and have a family), it can be a struggle. There are loads of books out there advising those trying to navigate the romantic pitfalls of modern society in a Christian way. But are they any good? Our resident 20-somethings explore these resources and reveal something of their own battles in the fields of love...

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    We Lost Our Son To Heroin


    In 1999 27-year-old Stephen Carter died of a heroin overdose after years of addiction. His mother, Betty Carter, tells Lucinda van der Hart how faith in God has helped her...

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    Hugh Ross: Why I am a Christian


    My mother had no confidence in God, and my father thought pastors and evangelists were ‘charlatans’...

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    The Hunger Games: A Mirror to the World


    The Hunger Games has appeared almost from nowhere to become one of the biggest films in recent history. Martin Saunders asks, what does this horrific vision of a fictional future have to say to us about the hidden horrors of our present reality?

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    I've been raped


    Maggie Ellis tackles the painful subject of sexual attack, and what to do if it's happened to you...

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    Old Testament warfare


    Did Joshua commit genocide?  Necessary rules of engagement or unnecessary slaughter? David Instone-Brewer on Old Testament warfare.